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Accu Launches Scholarships to Support Engineering Students

Accu is excited to announce the launch of their new scholarship program ‘Building Tomorrow’. Built to offer prospective - and current - university students the opportunity to take their engineering careers to the next level, these new scholarships will provide substantial financial support to help them during their studies.

Accu teamed up with Blackbullion, a leading financial wellbeing platform for young people, to offer 2 scholarships; one for Undergraduate and one for Postgraduate Engineering Students.

The ‘Building Tomorrow’s Visionaries’ scholarship is designed to help kickstart the prospective careers of undergraduate engineers, whilst the ‘Building Tomorrow’s Visionaries’ award will provide a funding boost to engineers working on their postgraduate studies.

Accu scholarship winners will also receive £100 credit for use at to purchase components needed to build any equipment, create working prototypes or to complete assemblies for their own personal projects.

On top of this, the award winners may be offered paid internship opportunities, to gain hands-on experience within the industry and learn how Accu utilises the latest Industry 4.0 technology to support innovators with rapid delivery of components.

How To Apply For The Accu Scholarship

Eligibility Criteria

  • Students must be pursuing an undergraduate degree or postgraduate degree (depending on which scholarship they’re applying for) in a relevant engineering subject

  • Students must be studying a full-time degree

  • Students must be UK-based and paying domestic fees

Award Outcome

  • The top applicant (as decided by Accu) will receive £1,500

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